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  • My first six word story. (via cherubin0)

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  • "I wish it hurt you too."
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    "what music are you into?"
    "i like this! it’s very grown up…"

    I was not ready

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    this just in: teaching my mother how to give birth by warsan shire, shaking the trees by azra tabassum, bone by yrsa daley-ward, and nejma by nayyirah waheed. can’t wait to dig into these books by kickass poet WoC. #poetry

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  • Traitor (#41: January 9, 2014)

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  • "My own heart chose you over me."
  • This Year, by Ashe Vernon (via latenightcornerstore)

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  • "This year I will sleep more and cry more.
    I will learn how to listen to my body,
    How to feed her when she’s hungry
    And not when she is bored, or lonely.
    This year is about putting away apologies—
    Shaking the old dust out of my bones,
    Getting rid of people and places
    That have stopped feeling like home.
    This year is about the deep kind of soul searching
    Reserved for brooding men in classic literature.
    This year is for falling in love with all the ways
    I am able to feel.
    My world is vibrant and alive
    And to numb myself would be to waste this body
    To waste this breath.
    Somewhere, billions of years ago,
    A star died to put the marrow in my bones
    And I ought to make good use of that.
    I am the result of ten million factors all
    Working against me ever coming into existence
    And I am here anyway.
    How could I forget that the same skin
    That houses all my anxieties also holds
    The same kind of rain that fills oceans?
    I have a small lightning storm brewing
    In the barrel of my ribs,
    How could I forget that?
    This year, I will be kind to my body,
    Because she has always been kind to me.
    Because she has entire orchestras beneath her fingernails,
    And after so many years,
    She deserves a good audience.
    I am too young to feel so old.
    This is the year I change that."
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    girl at college: how do u wear such tight jeans? doesnt it hurt your bits?


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    The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, 2013

    my main man

    Reminder that in Japan that “Otaku” is on par with “dudebro” and “Brony” in the US. It is not a good thing at all.

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  • "The roads between our houses collapse, and we make bridges out of apologies trying to reach each other again. The news reporter talks about the abandoned house that burst into flames last week, and we mourn each ghost like we loved them once. Like we danced with them once and our bodies have been aching ever since. We just wanted the wars to stop. We just wanted forgiveness on Sunday. We just wanted words and the right voices saying them. We kept convincing ourselves that we waited too long in the wrong doorways, but the truth is, we would have waited longer and that’s why all of this still hurts."
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    How are you going to pronounce ‘Targaryen’ correctly but still can’t say ‘Nguyen’

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  • Miles Walser, excerpt from “A Sonnet of Invented Memories”  (via samsvoja)

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  • "You will fall in love with me. Then, just months later, you will fall out. I will pretend the entire time that I don’t know it’s coming."
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    The next person who makes a joke about my pole dancing and calls me a stripper, I’m going to show them this photo and say, “You may or may not take me seriously, but just know that I can probably crush your tiny little skull with my thigh muscles.”

    There’s nothing I don’t love about this.

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    imagine having a tattoo like that

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  • from an in-class debate about white supremacy (via seehowtame)

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  • "Someone calling a white person ‘wonder bread’ isn’t racist. It’s rude, but it’s not racist. Wonder bread as an offensive term has no weight, no meaning. It’s just something to push your buttons. Using the N-word is racist - it has meaning and weight and brings up a past that should’ve never happened. The comparison between rude and racist is like squares and rectangles - every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. Every racist comment you hear is rude, but not every rude comment you hear is racist."